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Report Writing (London) 7th March 2019

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  • Kathey Bailey

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Aims & objectives

An effective report is one that achieves its aim – whether to inform, persuade, win business, make recommendations or support the management decision-making process.

This course will help people to write better reports that achieve their aim, enhance the image of the department/organisation and save the time of both the reader and the writer.

It is designed for anyone who needs to write reports and would like to:

1) increase their effectiveness and

2) ensure that they are 'reader-friendly'

They will also discover a variety of Word tools that will save them valuable time.

It is a very interactive day and we recommend that participants bring with them examples of their work to discuss and review.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to plan and produce reports that:

  • follow a logical structure
  • are easy to read and achieve a desired result
  • look professional
They will also discover some Word tools that will help save valuable time.


Kathey Bailey

Training Consultant

Kathey has extensive experience of working with the public sector including the Civil Service, NHS, Police, Education and 40+ local authorities.

She specialises in Reading Skills, Business Writing, Presentation Skills, Self Development and Time Management, and loves to:

  • Enthuse people about wanting to do things differently
  • Help them to believe that they can
  • Give them the practical tools to ‘help to make it happen’

  • Following seven years in Human Resources in the computer industry, she moved into Training and Development in 1985. Since then, she has run more than 1,800 programmes for companies and individuals from a wide range of commercial and industrial areas and the public sector.

    She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and TAP-certified.

    Kathey offers participants on her programmes an experience that is fun, enthusing, practical and focussed on their needs. To the organisers, she guarantees to be flexible, trustworthy and reliable.


09:15 Registration and Welcome

09:30 Introduction to course and participants’ objectives

10:00 Planning and getting started

  • The five steps to writing
  • Defining the aim and thinking about the 'Buying Group' that you want to influence
  • Getting started quickly and painlessly
  • Tips to help you to 'make your case'

11:00 Break

11:15 Structure

  • Organising material: 'what goes where'
  • Writing conclusions, recommendations and summaries
  • Guideline structures for other reports, eg proposals, business plans, strategic, investigative and progress
  • Classifying information: options and rules
  • Using 'Style Headings' and 'Outline View' on Word
  • Using Word to 1) create the Table of Contents and 2) make long documents easier to handle
  • Paragraphs and headings: ‘What story are you telling?’

12:30 Lunch

13:15 Writing clearly and concisely

  • Using words that are correct, simple, necessary, specific and active
  • Sentence length: how long is too long?
  • Using bullet points and checking for parallelism
  • Using positive language and focusing on solutions

14:45 Break

15:00 Grammar, punctuation and spelling

  • Looking at areas of concern
  • The importance of punctuation
  • Tips for improving spelling

15:45 Layout and presentation

  • Page layout and typography
  • Presenting facts and figures in an interesting and memorable way
  • Using charts and tables

16:00 Revising, evaluating and close

  • Checklists
  • Proofreading – the ‘four-pass’ method
  • Using the 'reviewing toolbar'
  • Reviewing actions from the course

16:30 Close


Zone 1

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