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Bespoke Training

In addition to our range of open courses, GK Learning are able to create bespoke training solutions tailored to your specific organisation's needs. Our in-house learning solutions are specifically suited to your needs, giving you the flexibility to arrange the times and location best suited to your organisation.

Our bespoke solutions allow you to focus your training package in order to address individual organisational needs. We will work with you both pre-event and post-event to ensure that your staff receive the highest level of training and understanding from our expert trainers and speakers.

The process is designed to make it as easy for you as possible to secure your precise training needs. An initial conversation with our director of training will define your needs and the extent to which you wish to have the training tailored to your staff and organisational context. We can then identify and allocate the most suitable trainer from our pool of experts, agree a date for delivery to fit in with your timescales, and arrange a detailed conversation between yourselves and the trainer so as to refine even more precisely the content and focus of the day to fit with exactly what you are seeking to achieve. The price quoted is all inclusive of design, delivery and all other expenses associated with delivery of your event.

Benefits of bespoke training:

  • Courses can be delivered at any location nationally or internationally.
  • We will work with you to deliver training at a date and time that suits you.
  • Course content is created specifically with your organisation in mind.
  • Our trainers can work through specific issues that you seeking to address.
  • A cost effective solution as travel costs and cost per delegate are reduced significantly.
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