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Speed and effective reading (Birmingham) 21st February 2019

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  • Kathey Bailey

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Aims & objectives

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of material we're expected to read these days.

This course will give people practical tools and techniques that will save valuable time and make them more effective by:

increasing their reading speed

helping them find, retain and recall key information

Join us to discover:

  • the techniques that speed readers use to raise their speed from c240 to 1000 words a minute.
  • how scanning and skimming techniques can help you find the key points in a document.
  • how the six steps of Accelerated Learning can help make all your learning fun and effective.
  • how to make dramatic improvements to the way you read by using 'The Effective Reading Method'.
  • techniques that will challenge the way that you think about reading.
This session is designed for anyone who feels that they would like to spend:

less time reading

more time absorbing, understanding and retaining the key facts

There are lots of opportunities to practise, so participants are asked to bring with them a wide variety of the type of material that they read for work.

They should be on hard copy - we will also look at tips for reading on-screen.

By the end of the course, participants will have:

  • practised using tips and techniques to help them double their reading speed (often more) whilst retaining comprehension.
  • use different methods that will improve the effectiveness of their reading and save them hours by knowing:

  • - what to read and why,

    - how to read it,

    - what to remember,

    - how to remember it, and

    - how to recall it.


Kathey Bailey

Training Consultant

Kathey has extensive experience of working with the public sector including the Civil Service, NHS, Police, Education and 40+ local authorities.

She specialises in Reading Skills, Business Writing, Presentation Skills, Self Development and Time Management, and loves to:

  • Enthuse people about wanting to do things differently
  • Help them to believe that they can
  • Give them the practical tools to ‘help to make it happen’

  • Following seven years in Human Resources in the computer industry, she moved into Training and Development in 1985. Since then, she has run more than 1,800 programmes for companies and individuals from a wide range of commercial and industrial areas and the public sector.

    She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and TAP-certified.

    Kathey offers participants on her programmes an experience that is fun, enthusing, practical and focussed on their needs. To the organisers, she guarantees to be flexible, trustworthy and reliable.


09:15 Registration and Welcome

09:30 Introductions, approach and structure of the day

10:00 How to double your reading speed

  • Assessing current reading speed
  • How our eyes work, visual span and using a guide
  • Practice session

11.00 Break

  • Avoiding sub-vocalisation
  • Practice session
  • Other things that will help or hinder
  • Practice session
  • The acceleration technique
  • Practice session

12.15 Effective Reading

  • Scanning: looking for a specific piece of information
  • Skimming: knowing where to find the key information in a document
  • Practice session

13.00 Lunch

13.45 Accelerated Learning the SIMPLeR Way!

  • Getting into the right ‘state’ to read
  • How will you ‘make it your own’?
  • ‘Permanence’: ways to remember key information
  • Checking that you know
  • Using the ‘Review Cycle’

15.00 Break

15.15 Effective Reading Method: 'Putting it all together'

  • Introduction
  • Practice session

16.30 Reviewing actions from the course

16.30 Close


Zone 1

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