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Get to the Point: Writing Well at Work (London) 9th April 2019

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  • Kathey Bailey

Mercure London Paddington

Aims & objectives

Do you ever feel frustrated that your letters and emails don't get the response that you want and expect?

Well, this session is full of tips and ideas that will help you get the right results whilst enhancing your image and that of your organisation.

Join us to:

  • pick up tips that will make it easy for people to respond positively to you
  • find out about current good practice for email etiquette, typography and layout
  • learn how the 'two-page letter' will really change your approach to documents
  • get answers about queries with punctuation
  • discover some useful Word tools that you probably didn't even know existed
  • ...and much more
We suggest that you bring some examples of your letters and emails to review on the course (and see things from the reader's view - it can be very enlightening).

This workshop will help participants to:

- write helpful and informative letters and emails that get the result that they want and enhance the image of the writer and their organisation.

- handle complaints tactfully and effectively.

- write clearly and concisely.

- improve their grammar, punctuation and spelling.

They will also discover some Word tools that will help them save valuable time.


Kathey Bailey

Training Consultant

Kathey has extensive experience of working with the public sector including the Civil Service, NHS, Police, Education and 40+ local authorities.

She specialises in Reading Skills, Business Writing, Presentation Skills, Self Development and Time Management, and loves to:

  • Enthuse people about wanting to do things differently
  • Help them to believe that they can
  • Give them the practical tools to ‘help to make it happen’

  • Following seven years in Human Resources in the computer industry, she moved into Training and Development in 1985. Since then, she has run more than 1,800 programmes for companies and individuals from a wide range of commercial and industrial areas and the public sector.

    She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and TAP-certified.

    Kathey offers participants on her programmes an experience that is fun, enthusing, practical and focussed on their needs. To the organisers, she guarantees to be flexible, trustworthy and reliable.


09.15 Registration

09.30 Introductions, approach and structure of the day

  • Participants' objectives
  • Thinking about the image you want to convey

10.00 Planning

  • The five steps to writing
  • Defining the aim and meeting the needs of the reader
  • Getting started quickly and painlessly

11.00 Break

11.15 Structure

  • Standard structures and the '2-page letter' with attachments
  • Using 'Style Headings' and 'Outline View' on Word
  • Using paragraphs to reflect the structure

11.45 Tips to help you get the result that you want

  • Using Transactional Analysis to define the tone
  • Email etiquette
  • Writing helpful subject lines
  • Handling complaints

12.30 Lunch

13.15 Writing clearly and concisely

  • Using words that are correct, simple, necessary, specific and active
  • Understanding and using readability statistics
  • Using bullet points and checking parallelism
  • Using positive language and focusing on solutions

14.45 Break

15.00 Grammar, punctuation and spelling

  • Looking at areas of concern
  • The importance of punctuation
  • Tips for improving spelling

15.45 Layout and presentation

  • Page layout and typography
  • Presenting facts and figures

16.00 Revising, evaluating and close

  • Proofreading
  • Reviewing actions from the course

16.30 close


Mercure London Paddington

144 Praed St, Paddington, London W2 1HU