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Thinking Under Pressure (Manchester) 15th January 2019

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  • Sue Davies

Central Manchester

Aims & objectives

Aim & Objectives

Being able to clearly and concisely articulate your thoughts even when under pressure is a skill that is useful across all forms of communication. It enables you to communicate confidently and convincingly whether that be in a relaxed one-on-one setting or in a large formal group meeting.

This course is designed to help you understand why being asked questions can cloud your clarity when communicating. It also aims to improve your ability to gather your thoughts and communicate them quickly and clearly when under pressure.

Who should attend?

Anyone looking to develop techniques for articulating their thoughts clearly and confidently without delay in any given situation.

Benefits of attending the course

  • The various causes of stress when communicating
  • How to manage this stress
  • How to structure thoughts quickly
  • How to articulate ideas confidently and concisely
  • How to be authentic in your responses
  • Techniques to enhance your ability to communicate when under pressure

Course Overview

  • Introduction Course Structure and Approach
  • Questions and what they provoke within us
  • Improvisation practice
  • Buying yourself thinking time
  • Four structured techniques to answering questions
  • Understanding the perception of others


Sue Davies

Training Consultant

Sue has 10 years management experience and 25 years of Training/HR experience.

She has delivered Leadership & Management training for many years. She has undertaken programmes with First Line Managers, Middle Managers and Senior Managers (these programmes are accredited through ILM). Sue has recently been involved in an award winning programme for Santander which included the research, development and delivery of a six module leadership programme. Additionally Sue is experienced in Talent Management, Performance Management, Coaching, Organisational Development, Change Management and Strategic Planning.

Sue has immense experience in Human Resource Management including the identification of needs, designing materials and the implementation and evaluation of training programmes. Whilst Sue is confident across all areas of HR, she specialises in the areas of Equality & Diversity and Learning & Development; these are two areas in which Sue is particularly passionate.

Additionally Sue’s licence with the British Psychology Society allows her to administer, interpret and assess Occupational and Psychometric Tests, such as Myers-Briggs and SOSIE, which can be used in a number of areas such as recruitment and selection, assessment centres, personal development and training. Sue has also undertaken consultancy projects. These include projects concentrating on running assessment centres, organisational re-structures, conducting training needs analyses and implementing appraisal schemes. She is also a qualified assessor and IV (D32, D33 and D34).

Sue has 20 years experience as an Independent Investigator/Mediator and regularly carries out investigations /mediations in relation to complaints and allegations of bullying and sexual and racial harassment. Sue has also undertaken a number of counselling projects, both with individuals and groups, and she has provided specialist training for investigators and mediators.

She has worked with organisations such as Airbus, Santander, United Utilities, Holiday Inn, Greater Manchester Police, Liverpool YMCA, Wirral University Teaching Hospital, Manchester Probation Service, The Civil Service, Speedy, Taylor Wimpey, DHL, QVC, Teva, Babcock, Kier Construction and a number of Local Authorities.


09:30 Coffee and Registration

09:45 Introduction Approach and Structure of the Course

10.00 Decision-Making, Evidence and Emotions

10.45 The Causes of Pressure

11.15 Coffee Break

11.30 Group Exercise

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Energiser

13.45 Managing Pressure

14.30 Responding to Questions and Challenges

15.15 Tea Break

15.30 Final Exercise

16.00 Action Planning and Evaluation

16.30 Course Close


Central Manchester

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