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Change Management Essentials - People and Organisations (Manchester) 27th June 2019

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  • Tony Cash

Central Manchester

Aims & objectives

This day is designed to help people understand how to lead organisations, people and teams through change and to manage the challenges of change successfully. We will address how to involve key stakeholders and how to deal with resistance to change. You will receive guidance on how to create a practical implementation plan. The course will be very interactive and enable participants to address the change challenges they face in their roles. It will draw upon a range of change models and theory, emphasising the practical implications. The course will be useful for everyone in the public, private and voluntary sectors that wants to improve their capacity to plan for change, manage transitions and embed change in organisations. It will help those in general leadership roles as well as those managing projects and those in human resources.

Who should attend?

  • Executives and leaders involved in Change Management capability
  • Change Managers Practice Leads and senior practitioners
  • Project Managers and PMO leaders
  • Senior Human Resources leaders

Benefits of attending the course

By attending this workshop, participants will improve their capability to understand and manage organisational change. They will learn how to best roll out change within the organisation. Through the workshop, participants will:

  • Improve their capability to understand and manage organisational change
  • Understand the impact of different types of change on the individual and the organisation
  • Identify a range of strategies for leading people through change and how best to roll out change within the organisation.
  • Understand the importance of communication at all stages in the change process
  • Know what needs to happen for change to be successfully embedded in the organisation
  • Be able to take on a change management role with confidence
  • The workshop is focused on increasing the understanding of all aspects of organisational change as well as what effective ways are to manage change, increase buy-in to change and minimize resistance to change within an organisation.


Tony Cash

Training Consultant

Tony is an expert on management, policy, regulation and strategy issues and has used this expertise working as a training consultant since he left the UK Civil Service in 2010. His government leadership roles included Head of Strategy and Communications for the Joint Trade Policy Unit (a combined Department for International Development / Department for Business team) and Deputy Director of the internal training team at the Department for Business.

Since Tony became a freelance training consultant he has trained people in policy making best practice and better regulation across the UK and overseas (including Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Guernsey, Ireland, Kenya, Malta and South Africa). His in-depth training has enabled many organisations to improve their policies and strategies. Tony also facilitates training on leadership and management e.g. he delivers training on coaching skills for managers in the UK and has provided it for people in Dubai. Other subjects that Tony covers include confidence and impact, economics, feedback skills, handling difficult people, speechwriting, strategic management, time management and unlocking potential. Tony has a Masters degree in organisation development and holds qualifications in coaching (Certificate in Executive Coaching), training (CIPD Certificate in Training Practice), project management (PRINCE 2 Foundation and Practitioner) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


    09:00 Coffee and Registration

    09:30 Introductions, General Approach and Structure of the Day

    10:00 Introduction to Change Management (Different Types of Change, Different Challenges)

  • Why effective leadership and management is essential for successful change management
  • Different reasons for change
  • Internal and external drivers of change
  • Change and strategy
  • Phases of change
  • Identifying the changes necessary in your organisation and the challenges involved
  • 11:15 Coffee Break

    11:30 Successful Change Management – Model and Principles

  • Some models of change
  • Key questions to ask
  • Common causes of change management failures
  • The importance of analysis and preparation ahead of change
  • Key insights from project management
  • 12:15 Behavioural Insights and Change

  • Different ways people respond to change at different times
  • Valuing and using different perspectives
  • Strategies for handling the different responses
  • Ensuring change enhances (not undermines) productivity
  • 13:00 Lunch

    13:45 Leadership, Change and Communication

  • The leader as communicator
  • Communication strategies to promote buy-in
  • Involving the right people at the right time – effective communication with stakeholders
  • Insights from Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • 15:00 Tea Break

    15:15 Embedding Change in the Organisation

  • Addressing people’s resistance to change
  • Cultural dynamics of change
  • Systemic issues in change
  • Reasons why change “unravels”
  • How to ensure all parts of the organisation are aligned with the change
  • Measuring the success of change (the return on investment)
  • 16:00 Action Planning

  • Exercise to plan actions
  • 16:30 Final Questions

    16:40 Close of Course


Central Manchester