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Confident Public Speaking and Presenting 5th February 2019

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  • Tony Cash

Crowne Plaza London - The City

Aims & objectives

Aim & Objectives

Whilst your knowledge and skills are of course important, it is personal impact that can have the biggest influence on our success at work. The ability to speak and present confidently will improve the impact you have on others. You will both be more confident and appear more confident.

This workshop is relevant for anyone involved in speaking to groups or in public, either informally or using a presentation or speech. Increasingly, job roles require strong presentation skills and presentations are becoming a widely used part of the job interview process.

This very practical and interactive event addresses how to improve your confidence and delivery when speaking and presenting in any context. It provides an opportunity to practise in a safe environment and receive constructive feedback.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to demonstrate more confidence and have more impact and influence in any work situation. It is suitable for people for any business sector and at any level in the organisation. Whilst not primarily aimed at sales people, it could help those wanting to give sales pitches with more confidence and impact. Whilst not primarily about interviews, it will help those looking to improve their ability to give an effective presentation at an interview.

Benefits of attending the course

You will be more confident of your ability to make a strong impression in many work situations. In particular you will be able to:

  • Use language that demonstrates confidence
  • Improve your ability to quickly establish rapport with others
  • Use non-verbal communication to increase confidence and win over an audience
  • Improve your ability to deliver an effective presentation or speech

Course Overview

  • Essentials of impact and confidence
  • Voice and impact
  • Presenting effectively – the keys
  • Preparation for group work
  • Group work – people deliver a presentation or to receive constructive feedback
  • Review of key learnings


Tony Cash

Training Consultant

Tony is an expert on management, policy, regulation and strategy issues and has used this expertise working as a training consultant since he left the UK Civil Service in 2010. His government leadership roles included Head of Strategy and Communications for the Joint Trade Policy Unit (a combined Department for International Development / Department for Business team) and Deputy Director of the internal training team at the Department for Business.

Since Tony became a freelance training consultant he has trained people in policy making best practice and better regulation across the UK and overseas (including Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Guernsey, Ireland, Kenya, Malta and South Africa). His in-depth training has enabled many organisations to improve their policies and strategies. Tony also facilitates training on leadership and management e.g. he delivers training on coaching skills for managers in the UK and has provided it for people in Dubai. Other subjects that Tony covers include confidence and impact, economics, feedback skills, handling difficult people, speechwriting, strategic management, time management and unlocking potential. Tony has a Masters degree in organisation development and holds qualifications in coaching (Certificate in Executive Coaching), training (CIPD Certificate in Training Practice), project management (PRINCE 2 Foundation and Practitioner) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


09.00 Registration

09.30 Introductions, General Approach and Structure of the Day

09.45 Impact and Confidence

  • Increasing your own confidence
  • Reframing nervousness
  • Confident language
  • The power of questions
  • Focus and clarity
  • What persuades people?
  • Charisma – myths and reality

11.15 Coffee Break

11.30 Voice and Impact

  • Using the voice to improve impact
  • Pace and volume
  • Exercise

12.00 Presenting Effectively

  • Structure
  • The fundamentals of effective delivery
  • The case for and against using supporting PowerPoint
  • Confident body language

13.00 Lunch

13.45 Preparation for Presentation Exercise

14.15 Exercise: Presentation Delivery

  • Short presentation or speech to group
  • Constructive feedback from trainer and participants

15.00 Coffee Break

15.15 Exercise: Presentation Delivery CTD

  • Short presentation or speech to group
  • Constructive feedback from trainer and participants

16.15 Review of the Day

  • Summary and concluding points

16.45 Close of Course


Crowne Plaza London - The City

Crowne Plaza London - 19 New Bridge St, London EC4V 6DB

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